The Downtown Cruise Night has been a part of Brandon now for several years. Formally known as "Cruisin' The Dub", it has continued to grow over the past few years. By the end of 2006 over 200 vehicles were counted to be in attendance and the number of spectators each month was estimated to be over a thousand!

In 2007 the participants and the spectator population grew even higher! The largest turnout ever to be seen at a downtown cruise night, in the history of Brandon, took place on Friday, August 3rd. As this was the weekend of Super Run, over 600 vehicles squeezed into Brandon's downtown streets, and there was no chance of even counting the thousands of spectators there that night. Super Run will be back in Brandon in 2022, likely with even more cars to see, and even more spectators walking the streets of downtown Brandon checking them out.

Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon is held on Rosser Avenue, typically starting in mid May with the last one winding down the summer in September. Custom, vintage, and antique cars, trucks, and motorcycles are the norm at the Cruise Night events, but be prepared to see anything and everything including local radio station participation playing their brands of music, street vendors, charity barbecues, and sometimes live entertainment!

The Brandon & Area Car Enthusiasts would like to thank Keheller Ford, Cal Jackson of Integral Realty, and Off The Wall Signs for their suppor and helping us provide the residents of Westman an event in downtown Brandon that the whole family can get out and enjoy.

Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon is held on Rosser Avenue between 6th Street and 13th Street from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. People wishing to show their vehicles are encouraged to enter the event at the intersection of Rosser Avenue and 13th Street.

Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon dates for 2023 are as follows.

Thursday, May 18th

Thursday, June 1st

Thursday, July 6th

Thursday, August 3rd

Thursday, September 7th

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Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon FAQ (Under Construction)

Q. Who do I contact to make arrangements to enter my car in the Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon event?

A. No one. We invite anyone interested in showing their vehicle to come down anytime after 6pm and enter through the main entrance on Rosser Avenue. Keep in mind parking availability is first come first serve and sometimes we fill up our area early.

Q. I am selling my vehicle, is it ok if I display it at Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon?

A. Yes and no. Basically ask yourself, if you were NOT selling your vehicle, would you be still interested in displaying your vehicle at Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon? If the answer is yes, and you're a fellow car enthusiast, by all means bring it. If the answer is no, please respect our limited space for the use of our fellow car enthusiasts.

Q. What if my vehicle gets damaged at Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon?

A. Vehicles are displayed at the owners own risk and BACE is not responsible for vehicle damages or loss of any items, such as vehicle contents, at a Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon event.

Q. Can I bring a vehicle that advertises my business?

A. Displaying vehicles that advertise businesses is reserved only for sponsors of BACE and the Collector Car Appreciation Day car show. BACE is a non-profit organization and any profits raised are donated to charity. If you would like to sponsor BACE, please contact us.

Q. Is Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon a "Rain or Shine" event?

A. No. Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon is a "Weather Permitting" event. The best BACE can do is make a best guess on what the majority of participants and spectators would want based on the weather leading up to the actual start of the event. For example, if it is raining with only an hour or two to go before the start of Cruisin' The Dub, and the forecast for the evening is not favorable to clear up, Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon will be cancelled. If it's raining in the morning, but clears up in the afternoon and the streets are drying, Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon will proceed as planed.

Q. If Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon is cancelled due to bad weather, will it be re-scheduled for an alternate date?

A. No, due to the organization of things like volunteers and city permits, if a Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon event has to be cancelled due to poor weather, it will not be re-scheduled. The next Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon event will be the next one in the schedule list as posted above.

Q. I have a food vending business and I would like to set up at Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon. Can I do this?

A. Due to the growth of Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon over the years, more and more food vendors have become interested in this venue as an opportunity for their business. While BACE appreciates the variety of products vendors can provide for our participants and spectators. There are already several BACE approved vendors at Cruise Night in Downtown Brandon, in addition to the existing restaurants on Rosser Avenue, to provide participants and spectators with ample food options. BACE respectfully asks that all organizations other than those currently approved by BACE, to please refrain from setting up additional booths, tables, or food vending services.