Brandon & Area Car Enthusiasts
2510 Park Avenue
Brandon, Manitoba
R7B 0S3

Contact Name: Dave Burba
Phone: 204-729-5808

Brandon & Area Car Enthusiasts

Section 1. Name

The name of the combined car clubs is Brandon & Area Car Enthusiasts (BACE).

Section 2. Mission Statement

The mission of BACE is to organize events such as car shows and / or cruise nights. BACE is a non-profit organization.

Section 3. Emblem

The emblem of BACE may change as agreed by member vote.

Section 4. Privacy

All membership information collected by BACE, for example, name, address, email, telephone numbers, etc. will remain private and confidential unless specifically authorized by the member. Such information will not be sold, released, or provided to any outside individual, organization, or company for any use not specified by the member.

Section 5. Meetings, Voting, & Fiscal Year

Meeting times, dates, and location are arranged by BACE.

When voting on BACE business, only one vote per car club or accepted BACE member is allowed. It is understood that if any approved BACE member feels that the topic being voted on requires discussion with their associated car club, that the vote be deferred until the next scheduled BACE meeting. If a BACE approved member is not in attendance, their vote is forfeited. In the event of a tie vote, the deciding vote will be cast by the "Chair".

The fiscal year is December 31st.

Section 6. Election of Officers

Election of Officers takes place at the first meeting of the fiscal year.

Section 7. Officers


The chair shall preside over the meeting and ensure that BACE business is conducted in an orderly fashion.


The Secretary shall attend all meetings for the purpose of taking minutes and shall record minutes and maintain a book for that purpose. If the Secretary can not be in attendance for any meeting, it is the responsibility of the Secretary to make arrangements with another member to take the minutes of affected meeting.


The Treasurer shall have care and custody of all of the financial assets and liabilities of BACE and is subject to the direction of BACE. The Treasurer shall report at regular meetings.

Section 8. Amendments

A minimum of 5 BACE members in attendance with a vote of at least 80% in favor is required to change this constitution.

Last revised March 14th, 2017